Scope of activity

Committee on Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences, was established in 1969 and since its beginning has been representing the sociological academic circles. The member of the Committee are elected in a secret ballot from among all independent researchers (PhD and professors) working at universities and at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Committee is also composed of correspondent and actual members of the Polish Academy of Sciences who are sociologists.

The Committee’s activities include various forms of scientific and organisational activity. The Committee’s tasks include the following:

  1. Analysing and assessing the state of science, speaking out on the Polish scientific policy, especially on the directions of development and research priorities in the field of social sciences, primarily in sociology.
  2. Initiating sociological research and disseminating its results by organising scientific discussions and conferences.
  3. Developing scientific opinions and expertises on topics within the scope of the Committee’s activities, including issues important for the social, economic and cultural development of Poland.
  4. Managing publishing activities, including participation in publishing “Sociological Studies” and “Culture and Society” journals, as well as providing substantive support to other magazines dealing with sociological issues.
  5. Analysing and evaluating curricula, addressing issues related to the education of scientific staff, and carrying out activities stimulating participation in the Polish scientific life and ensuring the development of young scholars in the field of sociology.
  6. Initiating and conducting cooperation with international and foreign scientific organisations and centres.
  7. Providing opinions on candidates for correspondent members of the Polish Academy of Science in the field of sociology.